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Autonomy != Anarchy

I am a long-standing believer in the principles of Agile development. I have been working this way for several decades, before it was referred to as “Agile”. I am friends with several signatories to the original “Agile Manifesto” and with … Continue reading

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Don’t Feature Branch

I recently attended the Devoxx conference. One of the speakers was talking on a topic close to my heart, Continuous Delivery. His presentation was essentially a tools demonstration, but one of the significant themes of his presentation was the use … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Rigor (Superstition in software development) – Part 1

When I was a software consultant I got to see a wide of software projects in a wide variety of different organizations. My subjective experience is that most software projects in most organizations get it quite badly wrong most of … Continue reading

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Hypothesis based development

I think that the reason that agile development works is because it is the application of the scientific method to software development. A fundamental aspect of that is the importance of forming a hypothesis before you start so that you … Continue reading

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Going live

My project went live this week. You can see our web site here. My team and I are all very proud of our work, we have been building the LMAX exchange for several years now, but have only just released … Continue reading

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