MSEC – The Modern Software Engineer’s Companion

I have been working on a side project over the past year or so. I had been making content for my YouTube channel and publishing articles, how to guides and other writing and learning from others, but lots of people were asking for a more guided experience.

So I started to think about what that would be like. I have created a wiki containing lots of descriptions and information, but also lots of links to my, and other people’s content. I am quite excited at the prospect of this. It is a kind of curated guide to what I think works in software development, but it also has that nice wiki feature of being able to go directly to the stuff that interests you, and to explore random, side-paths, as they pique your interest.

The idea of MSEC is to make useful, valuable information available to people, and to coordinate useful, guided paths through the information.

Our plan is to grow this significantly over the coming months and years. Currently we have paths on a variety of topics. 

The colour-coded headings represent guided paths through the information. If you are interested in Continuous Delivery, or Acceptance Testing or Teamwork and Leadership, you can follow the colour-coded track. 

Many of the pages have links out to relevant videos from my YouTube channel, relevant articles on the topic, from me and other people and in general pull together what is hopefully a lot of useful, tutorials, how-to-guides and reference material.

The idea of MSEC is for this to become a growing, organic resource that can help to guide people’s learning and to find useful answers to problems.

Our goal for MSEC at Continuous Delivery Ltd is to build a useful guide and reference, that will help people in their work. Pulling together descriptions of good practices on a wide variety of topics that can help people and teams to do a better job. 

If you’d like to take a look and explore, there is a demo version of the MSEC to explore…

We are currently making MSEC available to our Patreon members, so if you find the concept interesting and would like to check it out sign-up and take a look here:

Let us know what you think, and let us know what content you’d like us to add next.

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