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Test Maintainability

At LMAX, where I worked for a while, they have extensive, world-class, automated acceptance testing. LMAX tests every aspect of their system and this is baked in to their development process. No story is deemed complete unless all acceptance criteria … Continue reading

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The Reactive Manifesto

Over the past couple of months I have been helping out some friends to update the Reactive Manifesto. There are several reasons why I agreed to help. First I was asked to, by my old friend Martin Thompson. The most important reason … Continue reading

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Disruptor – The implications on design

My company, LMAX, has recently released our disruptor technology for high performance computing. You can read a Martin Fowler’s overview here. The level of interest that we have received has been very pleasing, but there is one point that is … Continue reading

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Presentation on Continuous Delivery at LMAX

I was recently asked to do a presentation on the topic of Continuous Delivery at the London Tester Gathering. You can seen a video of the presentation here In this presentation I describe the techniques and some of the tools … Continue reading

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Hypothesis based development

I think that the reason that agile development works is because it is the application of the scientific method to software development. A fundamental aspect of that is the importance of forming a hypothesis before you start so that you … Continue reading

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Going live

My project went live this week. You can see our web site here. My team and I are all very proud of our work, we have been building the LMAX exchange for several years now, but have only just released … Continue reading

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