Confessions of someone who should know better

Ever had that sickening feeling that you have lost some important data?

I have been travelling a lot lately and arrived home to find that my personal blog site, this site, was down.

I host this site via a hosting service, running WordPress, as well as a few other things.

This site started out as a personal thing, and I didn’t expect many readers. Turns out that I have more readers than I expected – Thank you!

However, somehow I never moved the site, in my mind, from “personal and of little consequence”, to “worth maintaining properly”. So my backups weren’t really up to date and while I have copies of all of the posts that I have made, and some that I decided not to post for one reason or another, I kept those as txt files, not a nice simple backup of my site šŸ™

As I started digging into what was wrong, I got that sickening feeling! The DB on my host that contained the content of my blog site had vanished completely. I spent a few days trying to find what had happened and find the data for the posts, all to no avail.

So, after some code-archeology, I have managed to patch somethingĀ together from theĀ most recent backup, a shamefully old one, and the manual copies of my posts.

As a result I have certainly broken links to some of my more recent posts – very sorry.

I have also probably spammed anyone with an RSS feed for my site – very sorry again!

My site is back up and working. I think that it is close to what was there before, with one or two posts added, while I was at it, and possibly one or two omitted by accident (let me know if you see something missing that should be there)

I am sorry for any inconvenience that I have caused, hopefully normal service will now be resumed.

Plus you can bet that IĀ will be more diligent in maintaining my backups in future :-/

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  1. Laura B says:

    In case you think there’s a chance that you haven’t recovered all your posts you might want to check the internet archive: The latest snapshot for your site seems to be from 10th Nov.

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