Strategies for effective Acceptance Testing

My second guest blog post for XebiaLabs is the first of two parts. It is on the topic of “Strategies for Effective Acceptance Testing”
“Automated testing is at the heart of any good Continuous Delivery process and I see automated Acceptance Testing as being one of the foundations of any effective testing strategy.
In my book ‘Continuous Delivery’ we defined Acceptance Testing as asserting that the code ‘did what the business wanted it to do’. The distinction that we made is between that and unit-test-based TDD, which is really focused on asserting that the code does what the developer thinks it should. Both of these perspectives are important, and compliment one another, but for the rest of this post I want to talk about Acceptance Testing.
Good Acceptance Tests are hard to get right, but there are a few tricks that make it easier…”
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