Devoxx presentation on Continuous Delivery

At Devoxx 2011 I did a talk on Continuous Delivery, in which I describe the process and principles of CD, using our experience at LMAX as an example.

This has now been published here.

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2 Responses to Devoxx presentation on Continuous Delivery

  1. Any practical experience based on the “Bible” of Automated Delivery makes me an avid reader. Thanks for taking the time to publish about it…

  2. Taziah says:

    On the other hand, technologies used to set up a large number of machines, like puppet and chef, are managed through configurations that are looking more and more like code. This means that sysadmins will have to adopt some software development practices. And, if business analysts are going to be part of the continuous delivery process by validating what goes to production and when, they will have to become acquainted with the tools that developments use.

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