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Motivation is a slippery thing. My favourite example is described by the writer Dan Pink. He tells the true story of a Nursery who, like many Nurseries, had a problem with parents turning up late to collect their children. This … Continue reading

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RedGate Webinar Q&A

I recently took part in a Webinar for Database tools vendor Redgate. At the end of the Webinar we ran out of time for some of the questions that people had submitted, so this blog post provides my answers to those … Continue reading

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Pair Programming – The Most Extreme XP Practice?

I was an early adopter of Extreme Programming (XP). I read Kent’s book when it was first released in 1999 and, though skeptical of some of the ideas, others resonated very strongly with me. I had been using something like … Continue reading

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Testing Times

I came across a test breakage recently. I had committed some code and a test had failed. The test was unrelated to my changes, but I took a look anyway because maybe I was wrong. As it turned out the … Continue reading

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