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Three Distinct Mind-sets in TDD

I have blogged about TDD before. I think that it is one of the most important tools in improving the design of our software, as well as increasing the quality of the systems that we create. TDD provides valuable, fine-grained … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on Feature Flags

I confess that “Feature Flags” make me a bit nervous. Despite this I think them a useful and important tool in our ability to achieve Continuous Integration. So why do they make me nervous? Well, they are a form of … Continue reading

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Continuous Integration and Feature Branching

Recently I spoke at the Pipeline Conference in London. I gave a talk on “Optimising Continuous Delivery” to a bunch of people who were self-selected as interested in Continuous Delivery, most of them would already consider themselves CD practitioners, Pipeline … Continue reading

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Answers to GOTO Cph 2017 Questions

I gave a presentation on my recommended approach to Acceptance Testing today, here at GOTO Copenhagen. You can see an earlier version of this talk, from another conference here. GOTO will be publishing their version soon ­čśë I ran out … Continue reading

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Confessions of someone who should know better

Ever had that sickening feeling that you have lost some important data? I have been travelling a lot lately and arrived home to find that my personal blog site, this site, was down. I host this site via a hosting … Continue reading

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I inadvertently found myself in the middle of a minor Twitter storm on the topic of diversity. The organisers of a conference that I attended made some, to me, intemperate remarks on the subject. They were asked why there were … Continue reading

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Mob Rule?

I was at a conference last year where I saw Woody Zuill talking about “Mob Programming”. You can see that talk here A very simple description of Mob programming, for those of you who don’t have time to watch Woody’s … Continue reading

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Test *Driven* Development

Before Test Driven Development (TDD) the only thing that applied a pressure for high-quality in software development was the knowledge, experience and commitment of an individual software developer. After TDD there was something else. High quality in software is widely … Continue reading

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Motivation is a slippery thing. My favourite example is described by the writer Dan Pink. He tells the true story of a Nursery who, like many Nurseries, had a problem with parents turning up late to collect their children. This … Continue reading

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RedGate Webinar Q&A

I recently took part in a Webinar for Database tools vendor Redgate. At the end of the Webinar we ran out of time for some of the questions that people had submitted, so this blog post provides┬ámy answers to those … Continue reading

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